Google Search and Assistant issues For Hangout Session

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# Category Issue Details w/ Infected Users Reference
1 Google Image Search Google Image Search only loads first few images in Chrome then freezes The Image Search results page loads only the first few (20?) images (might be country wise issue), they are unclickable, and other functionality on the page is also unclickable. Mostly this is only happening in Chrome. About 25+ reports so far.
Update : Root cause was bad boy BullGuard Antivirus, devices with BullGuard Antivirus are affected with this issue, after BullGuard Antivirus 27th April update.
2 Google Assistant Google Assistant without Installing Users found Google assistant app automatically installed on their phone.
Update : Team already give a fix, will be fix automatically in next 1-2 days.
3 Google Assistant Google Assistant Settings Accessible When users try to access Google Assistant settings nothing shows up, it just sends users back to the using screen, tried several troubleshooting steps doesn't works.